Online Masters Program

This post was written by Seija Korpela who is currently enrolled in both the DST program at Ryerson and an online masters program at Nipissing University

I am presently enrolled at Nipissing University’s Master of Education Program. This program provides students with two options: (a) a full-time 2 year program or (b) a part-time option. Many of the courses are online or a blended model including online with face to face contact. I am currently taking my fourth course and I have met students from all across Canada and a few from abroad.

In fact, my first course included students from Nipissing’s Ph. D Education program. I found it slightly intimidating initially, however; I found I could hold my own. I learned that many of the students in the program are from backgrounds other than education. This provides very diverse and engaging discussions online or in person. It offers great learning opportunities. One of the most valuable lessons I learned from this experience, is the realization of how little I really know.

I enrolled in the Disability Studies program at Ryerson, as a second degree option,
approximately 5 years ago and have completed approximately 5 courses. In my personal opinion, the academic rigor which the DST courses and program has provided me, has made the transition into a Master’s level program relatively seamless. It has provided me with the confidence and competence to take my learning to the next level. I cannot emphasize enough, how Ryerson’s DST program and faculty has helped me to be where I am today.

I have been able to focus on a “disability” perspective in education in all of my course work. Much of what I have learned at Ryerson has provided me with the critical inquiry skills to continue to focus on my passion which is inclusionary practice in Canada. My experience has been both personal and political just as it has been at Ryerson. The faculties at Nipissing University are available to assist you if required. They hold you to a very high academic standard yet have been very personable, fair, and honest. They care about your success as a student. I have experienced nothing but similarities between Nipissing and Ryerson.

I chose Nipissing University because of the expertise of its faculty in Education, the high profile of their education program, and from discussions I have had with others who have taken this program. I have not been disappointed. I read some of their research work, which included narrative inquiry. I was also looking for a University closer to my home in Northern Ontario. I plan on continuing with their PH.D program in Education, once I have successfully completed my Masters of Education. I would highly recommend this program.



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