Reflections from a full time Mom

This post was written by Sheena Vert. She just completed her degree at the School of Disability Studies.

 a baby is peaking around a large stacks of hard cover books

Is it possible to go to school and still be a Mom?  I would say that yes it is possible, it may not always be easy and some things may slide but it is doable.  I am a mother to 3 boys, 15, 13, 11 and a beautiful little girl, 4 and I have just completed my BA in the Disability Studies Program.  I began my school journey when my daughter arrived on the scene.  I must preface this whole blog with the admission that I did give up my full time job.  That was stretching things a bit far!  My boys are all active in rep sports (hockey and lacrosse) plus their regular school sports throughout the year.  My husband has a demanding career and is about 45 minutes away so it was sink or swim.  My advise to anyone embarking on schooling and parenting and possibly working is that you need to fully commit to the idea or things will soon become overwhelming.

My plan of action was scheduling everything; I worked with a master calendar in place with everyone’s schedule colour coded.  Each week I had an idea what was ahead of me and I was able to prioritize what needed to be done first.  I kept daily ‘To Do’ lists and followed them.  There is a feeling of accomplishment when you could scratch something off.  I began each semester with a plan of attack; I typically took two courses because I wanted to complete my degree in the least amount of time.  I did my degree in 3 ½ years.  I would see what the weekly commitments were and what the major assignments were to be finished.  I marked everything on my master calendar with my own colour so I could see at a glance what needed to be done.  Each day I would commit about an hour to sitting down and logging on to blackboard and posting to the chats.  This sometimes was done at 11 pm or later but it allowed me to keep up with everything.  I always made sure I was clear on expectations from the professors.  Was it always easy?  Not there were times I was up to 1am trying to finish things off, my house would get a bit messy and my daughter had a bit too much TV. time but it is important to remind yourself that this is not forever and if you want this for yourself then you need to make yourself a priority too.  Good luck


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