5 Helpful Tips to Improve your Education Experience

This post was written by alumni, Donna Mullings

A yellow sticky note which reads "Helpful Tips"

1.  Breakdown an article. This can be done by looking at methodology, research, discussion points, main-point and most importantly, what is left out and who is left out and for what reasons. It doesn’t matter if you are reading an article about Critical Race Theory or Foucault. Is the author polarizing disability, using it as a trope, or connecting it to wider and broader issues and how is it being done. Certainly everything cannot be included in any one article, but articles tend have an invisible underline postulation, which is neither right nor wrong, but where does it fit in, how does it fit in and for what reason/s. So as you read and participate in class discussions, I found that engaging in this particular dialogue, internal or external, can evoke and bring about some type of critical thought.

2. Make a theory and methodology chart for quick referencing as you go along.

3. Create a vocabulary list and definitions as it will be very helpful.

4. If you like a particular scholar, this is also the time to read more and incorporate his/her analysis into your work and the work of others.

5. Make this your time. While you are learning, questioning, writing, and participating, swim in your own mixture. Unfortunately we are governed by academic protocol, and it does get stressful at times, but don’t lose the reason as to why you have chosen to embark on this particular journey.


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