Wheels for the World

This post was written by alumni Brigitte McCauley-Philion.

a photo of Brigitte with the words "If there was no communication barriers between the dead and hearing"

I recently attended a Joni and Friends Global Access Conference where I learned about the Wheels for the World Uganda Outreach. I am the first Canadian who is Deaf who will be participating a mission trip with Wheels for the World.

This summer I will be in Uganda for two weeks. I will be combing two of my passions serving the Lord and helping individuals with disabilities become as independent as they can be.  My trip to Uganda is a mission trip with Joni and friends. I do not get paid to go and I am also unemployed for the summer. Since I will be leaving the country I am able unable to claim unemployment insurance. This is a sacrifice I am making in order to be able to participate in this amazing opportunity. I am raising funds to help support my mission to Uganda.

I speak and sign (American Sign Language) I have learned Ugandan sign language so that when I am there I will be able to communicate with individuals at the Deaf church in the village I will be staying in. My primary role while I am in Uganda will be a seating technician. I will also teaching individuals how to navigate in their village with their wheelchair as well we teaching individuals how to walk forearm crutches/walkers.




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