Visualizing Absence at the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital Cemetery

Visualizing Absence: Memorializing the histories of the former Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital is an art research project led by Anne Zbitnew in collaboration with Ed Janiszewski and Among Friends, a Lakeshore community mental health program. Anne Zbitnew is a current student with the Disability Studies program. All of the photos were taken by Anne. To learn more about this project and other exhibition at the L Space Gallery which opens Saturday, May 23  please go to Visualizing Absence.

A photograph of a steel gate with paper signs attached. In the background there is a large green space with a few trees.
Signs on the gate that describe the project.


A photograph of a large grassy lawn with a ground hog in the corner
Resident ground hog.


A photograph of a grassy field with boxes of white paper lilies .
Boxes of paper lilies, 1,511 in total, made in collaboration with Ed Janiszewski and Among Friends.
A photograph of bunches of paper lilies
Bunches of 40
A photograph of people holding paper lilies and sheets of paper.
Participants read the names of a person buried as they plant the flowers

A photograph of people planting white paper lilies

A woman holding a container of white paper lilies


People kneeling on the ground planting lilies


A row of lilies.
A row of lilies.

paper lilies mixed with the shadow of tree branches


A photograph of the row of white lilies stretching down the cemetery


A man climbing a large tree.
Jeramiah Bach climbs a tree to capture a birds eye view


a birds eye view of the row of lilies
Jeramiah’s view


a paper lily with a dandelion


paper lilies against the blue sky


A low view of the field of lilies



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