February 7, 2018

Student Alumni Advisory Committee

February 7, 2018


Present: Carling Barry-Spicer, Kim Collins, Laura Mele, Marsha Ryan, Hazel Williams, Trevor Smith

Regrets: Pauline Mwangi, Carolyn Lee-Jones

General Updates

Books and Beer Pub night

  • The pub night was a small but chatty group of students from DST 88 and one alumni. The appetizers were appreciated by the attendees. It is likely that the extremely cold weather may have kept others from attending the event.
  • It is vital that SAAC members attendee these events, particularly if they indicate that they will

Tanis Doe nomination

  • Thanks to the committee for their feedback on the nomination for Esther.
  • The nomination was submitted

Webinar sessions

  • Kim has been in contact with the Ryerson Writing Centre to host two adobe connect sessions for all DST students.
  • One will focus on basics of citation and the other will deal with how to start an academic paper
  • The writing centre staff will record the webinars and then send them to Kim to post on the orientation shell. The webinars will be ready by the end of February.
  • Kim has also met with the Career Centre. They will be hosting two webinar (resumes/cover letters and networking/building community)
  • These will take place in February and March.
  • These webinars will be recorded and posted to the D2L orientation shell for all students.

D2L orientation shell

  • Kim has created a D2L orientation shell which will be available to all students.
  • It is nearly complete and will be made active shortly.

Funding update:

  • At the last meeting the new SE funding was discussed.
  • Below is the breakdown for how the funding was to be allocated.

Student Engagement Facilitator Salary (existing initiative) $17,000.00

Study Coach (existing initiative) $4,500.00

Accessibility (existing initiative) $3,000.00

Speaker Series –  (new initiative) $ 2000.00

Student mentoring and/or writing support (new initiative) $ 250.00

Orientation for new students (existing activity) $ 500.00

Activist Support (new initiative) $ 350.00

Student Conference Support  (new initiative) $ 300.00

In Person Gatherings (existing initiative) $ 100.00


  • However despite the fact that the School did not receive approval of the funding until late in the fall term the money must be spent by the end of the fiscal year. This means that this money must be spent by the end of March.


Here’s the breakdown for what has been spent to date:


Student Engagement Facilitator Salary (existing initiative) $17,000.00

Study Coach (existing initiative) $4,500.00

Accessibility (existing initiative) $2,000.00

SAAC: (food) $????

In person gatherings: $?????


Here are some outstanding items:


Speaker Series –  (new initiative) $ 2000.00

  • $255 of this will be spent filming (and archiving) a lecture by Melanie Panitch
  • There is the possibility of filming (and archiving) two other lectures as the speakers event the SAAC had planned may not occur before the end of March (totaling $765.00)

Student mentoring and/or writing support (new initiative) $ 250.00

  • This will be spent on VISA gift cards that can be used when needed

Orientation for new students (existing activity) $ 500.00

  • This money will be spent on gift cards to be used when needed. Also, money may be diverted to increase the number of student conference support awards.

Activist Support (new initiative) $ 350.00

  • This initiative will  cover the cost of professionally designing a banner and RADS Roads, plus the cost of the banner production
  • Due to issues with pixelation of images and the lack of large jpeg images of School branding it has been necessary to bring in a graphic designer. Kim has received quotes
  • This expenditures have been approved by SAAC.


Student Conference Support  (new initiative) $ 300.00

  • VISA gifts cards will be purchased and distributed to students
  • More than three students may be chosen

In person gatherings: $ approx. 50.00


  • This will be spent to buy appetizers at a books/beer pub night after the last 88 onsite in March



Discretionary Award:

  • SAAC approved a discretionary award to add to this year’s budget and to the proposal for next year.
  • This will be used to aid students who are experiencing financial difficulty in the program

New Business:

RU live recruitment webinar

  • On February 8th at 3pm Paris and Kim will be hosting another RU Live recruitment video

In person events (March/April)

  • SAAC will host two additional books/beer pub night
  • One after the 88 onsite and one after the 99 presentations?
  • (Sat. March 10 and Sat. April 21)

Proposal for 2018-2019

  • At the end of the fiscal year a proposal will need to be submitted outlining the plans for SE for 2018-2019. There is no way of knowing what amount will be approved however we are in good stead as we will have spent all of the funds allocated.
  • Kim is hoping to have accessibility removed from the SE budget which would allow for the production of a Why Disability Studies at Ryerson video.
  • What would the committee like to see included in the proposal?
  • Discretionary award (see above)
  • Keep proposal similar but perhaps add sections

Summer Institute planning

  • What ideas are there for the summer institute? The dates are:

Tuesday July 3rd to Friday July 13th
Courses start online June 1st with on site
DST613- Tue July 3rd to Sat July 7th
DST525- Mon July 9th to Fri July 13th

  • Evening events (for those students who are on campus)
  • Meet up for dinner
  • Pub night?
  • Sol Express at Fringe (July 5- 16th???)
  • Academic Ableism — Book launch??
  • Send out events ahead time.

Change to March meeting date

  • As we moved the date of the Jan. meeting Kim proposes that we move the date of the March meeting to March 28th instead of the 14th.
  • Depending on weather it may be an online meeting — (Skype and Google docs)

Any new business?