March 28, 2018

Student Alumni Advisory Committee

March 28th, 2018


Present: Carling Barry-Spicer., Laura Mele, Marsha Ryan, Kim Collins

Regrets: Hazel Williams, Trevor Smith, Pauline Mwangi, Carolyn Lee-Jones

General Updates

Books and Beer Pub night

  • The last event was poorly attended
  • The committee will focus its efforts on the 99 onsite on April 21

Tanis Doe nomination

  • Esther won the Tanis Doe award and sends her thanks to the committee for their work on the nomination.
  • The nomination package will be posted as a blog on Vision Passion Action

Discretionary Awards/Student Conference Support Awards

  • Kim passed along thanks to the committee from the winners of the discretionary and student conference support awards.

Webinar sessions

  • The writing session webinars are up on the D2L orientation shell.
  • Two career centre webinars have arranged — notifications have been sent to students and alumni.
  • An issue has been noted with alumni/student email. Kim will sort out this issue and report back to the committee.
  • These will be recorded and posted on the orientation shell.

D2L orientation shell

  • The D2L orientation shell is up and there will be a soft launch prior to the summer.
  • During the summer institute Kim will go to each class and demonstrate the shell to students to ensure they have a sense of how to use the shell
  • Kim will add an electives discussion forum and information on places to stay in TO for onsites

Funding update:

  • Kim has completed a proposal for SE funding for the summer and next year.
  • This has been submitted Kathryn

New Business:

RU live recruitment webinar

  • Kim and Paris are considering hosting their own recruitment webinars.
  • Carling and Laura are interested in taking part in these webinars

Summer Institute planning

  • The dates are:

Tuesday July 3rd to Friday July 13th
Courses start online June 1st with on site
DST613- Tue July 3rd to Sat July 7th
DST525- Mon July 9th to Fri July 13th

  • Kim will create a grid for the summer institute
  • The ideas below were brainstormed in the meetings
  • Evening events (for those students who are on campus)
  • Meet up for dinner — before arts events?
  • Awards night — Wednesday of first week
  • Sol Express at Fringe (JULY 4-15TH)  (Play about abuse and institutionalization)
  • Academic Ableism — Book launch/activist lecture??
  • Send out events ahead time.
  • Potluck breakfast — SECOND WEEK

20th anniversary

  • The school will be 20 yrs old in 2019
  • Below are some brainstormed ideas for the celebration
  • A day long conference?
  • An edited collection of DST 99 projects? This will require long term planning
  • Ensure alumni from out of province and out of Canada can be included in events (live streamed/tweeted)
  • Have public facing events and promote them in the Ryersonian or the Eye Opener
  • Disability film festival in Gould Square during summer institute?
  • How can we plan with this our limited funding proposal? Grants? Dean’s office?
  • The committee was asked dream big about the celebration and provide more feedback at the next meeting.

Any new business?